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Why You Should Address Negative Reviews

Are online review websites like Yelp hurting your business or medical practice? Are you a business owner or a physician seeing false or bad reviews about you? We know that Yelp has had an impact on local businesses. Yelp online reviews are useful and helpful for potential customers and patients. Since its inception in 2004, Yelp has grasped the American consumer by becoming one of the most trusted business review websites. However, sometimes people put false and harassing reviews for vindictive purposes. For example, the patient may owe on a bill but when the doctor does not discount the bill, the patient may write bad reviews and exaggerate the true of their experience. Online review websites like Yelp have an influence has certainly been felt in healthcare, emerging as a top reputation red flag for many medical practices.

Is it possible for an attorney to address Yelp in an attempt to remove a negative review? Yes. The Weaver Law Firm has addressed Yelp and has been successful with the removal.

Most anyone in medicine would agree that “rate your doc” websites are an essential measurement of performance and provide clinics and hospitals an opportunity to clean up lacking customer service.

Yelp can hurt a business. Imagine if you had a urology practice with five locations and each location had its own location page on Yelp. Focusing on one of those location profiles, potential patients may be able to see that there are nine reviews, each with a 1-star rating. Anyone who’s looking for an urologist would take their business elsewhere. Since Yelp seems to average out the stars on the complaint form, one-star complaints can bring down a five-star rating causing customers to go to competitors.

While it seems that much of the traffic is dominated by the entertainment and restaurant industries, our research indicates that at the time of this posting, Yelp appears in approximately 32 percent of all health and medical impressions (searches) online.

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