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Helping You Draft Your Commercial Lease

Commercial leases are designed to clearly establish each party’s rights and responsibilities. At The Weaver Law Firm, we provide legal counsel to commercial tenants at every stage of the process, from drafting and reviewing leases to dispute resolution when there are problems between landlords and tenants. Our Houston lawyer represents commercial landlords and tenants, including:

  • Retail tenants
  • Retail office space tenants
  • Shopping center tenants

Commercial Lease Drafting and Review

A well-written lease needs to include more than accurate names and addresses, starting and ending dates, and rent and deposit information. Our attorney drafts and reviews leases with the goal of identifying and addressing potential problems and pitfalls, and ensuring our clients’ best interests will be protected. When we review commercial leases, we educate our clients about the terms of the lease so they understand the terms completely before signing anything.

We also work with clients who are interested in adding parties to their leases. Our real estate attorney educates clients about the practical implications of adding someone to the title, and we create other solutions that achieve the same legal goals.

Disputes with Landlords

Unfortunately, even a well-crafted commercial lease may not provide immediate relief to tenants if their landlord fails to follow the terms of the agreement. At The Weaver Law Firm, we represent commercial tenants in disputes with their landlords.

Contact our office in Houston, TX, by calling 713-572-4900 or emailing us to learn more about the counsel we provide commercial tenants. We can help ensure your rights are protected at every stage of the process.

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