Because Results Matter

The construction industry is fraught with costly legal traps. Let us guide you around the danger spots, and take your side when trouble arises.

Contractor Disputes Can Threaten Your Investment Or Your Home

Because construction is a work-intensive industry, in which delays and defects cost money, breach of contract litigation is common.

Over the years, The Weaver Law Firm has proven itself a capable player in arbitration and litigation, favorably resolving complex and expensive contract disputes involving owners, independent contractors, subcontractors and other participants. Richard D. Weaver is respected from Houston to San Antonio for his successes in representing clients. The law firm can assist in a variety of contractor disputes:

  • Defective design
  • Defective construction
  • Unacceptable workmanship
  • Substituted or defective materials
  • Cost overruns
  • Project delays
  • Disruption by labor
  • Change orders
  • Extra work
  • Termination and default
  • Mechanic’s liens

We provide effective advocacy for clients in every venue: negotiation, arbitration, mediation and in-court litigation.

Vigorous Representation For Texas’s Construction Industry

Our goal is to keep litigation costs under control, while firmly asserting your interests. We want to help you win your case. We also want you to avoid delays that may result in deals falling through, work stoppages, or reflexive and expensive countersuits. We typically seek equitable adjustments to cover our client’s losses. Our effectiveness as negotiators has kept the majority of client cases out of court, allowing clients to focus on saving money instead of lawsuits. Still, when a client is ready to file suit, we are ready to fight for our clients with high energy, determination and intensity.

To discuss your problem, talk to us. Our lawyers will explain your options and ideas for achieving the desired outcome. Call our attorneys in Houston at 713-572-4900 or email us your concerns.