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Legal Support In Homeowners Association Disputes

It is not unusual for disputes to flare up between individual homeowners and the standards expected by homeowners association members. Homeowners may violate a rule or regulation, often quite unintentionally, and then find themselves in trouble with the association.

Common kinds of HOA litigation include:

  • Decoration or remodeling not included on the list of what is acceptable
  • Lawn signs, political signs, protest signs, and the United States flag
  • A dispute over homeowners association rules, including payment of fees

These disputes often boil down to what the Covenants, Declarations and Restrictions of the HOA permit. The homeowner may believe that her new construction is permitted, but it may violate the restrictions. Developers, investors and homeowners should utilize an attorney to make sure that they are in compliance with the rules and regulations. Often times, they must submit plans to the Architectural Control Committee before initiating construction or improvements.

Many times, an attorney can resolve disputes without the need to participate in trial or mediation. Yet, when representation at trial is needed, our law firm will represent you vigorously. It is important to work with a lawyer who is experienced in homeowners association matters.

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