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Were You In A Car Accident With A Commercial Trucker?

A high-speed highway collision between an enormous 18-wheeler, big rig or tractor-trailer and a conventional motor vehicle is no contest. No car or truck can contend with the size, weight and power disparity — and catastrophic injury and fatal injury can result.

If a negligent trucker has changed your life in an accident, or ended the life of a loved one, you have rights that must be protected — especially the right to pursue maximum financial compensation for your lost income, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

At The Weaver Law Firm in Houston, skilled personal injury lawyer Richard D. Weaver safeguards your interests for commercial truck accidents and possible third-party claims against multiple defendants such as a trucking company, the company that manufactures its trucks and a driver who could have been drunk, distracted or using drugs at the time of the collision.

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For your convenience and peace of mind, our law office operates strictly on a contingency fee basis. You owe no attorney fee unless we win or settle your case.

Effective and Efficient Counsel

As your attorney, Richard D. Weaver offers quality personal injury representation when the negligent driver of a large commercial truck collides with you, causing serious or fatal injuries.

Our law office’s quality representation includes in-depth investigation of the accident that injured you, identification of the party responsible for it, skillful negotiation with insurers and, if necessary, aggressive litigation to obtain the maximum financial compensation you deserve.

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