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Trucking Accidents Can Cause Serious Harm

Semi-truck wrecks are not the same as car accidents and cannot be handled the same way from a legal standpoint. Not only do the injuries involved tend to be more severe, such as brain and spine injuries, but rules and regulations specific to the trucking industry also come into play in these cases.

At The Weaver Law Firm, our lawyers thoroughly understand those rules and regulations. We provide effective and efficient counsel dedicated to overcoming the unique challenges that come along with truck accident cases.

Our Texas truck crash lawyers handle accident cases in Houston, San Antonio and the surrounding parts of the state. This includes accidents on Highway 610, Highway 59 and Interstate 10. Contact a Houston and San Antonio 18-wheeler accident attorney at our firm to learn how we can help.

An Understanding of Trucking Rules and Regulations Is Necessary

Did you know that a truck driver can spend only a certain number of hours behind the wheel on any given day? This rule is in place for a specific reason: to prevent driver fatigue and the accidents it causes. Unfortunately, when Texas truck crash lawyers investigate these cases and start reviewing the logbooks truck drivers use to record the amount of time they spend on the road, attorneys frequently discover that this rule was broken and that fatigue caused the accident.

Other rules pertain to the operation and maintenance of semi trucks. Some address drug tests for drivers. Others address care of tires and brakes. We often find that these rules have been broken, which is a clear sign of negligence.

Find out how truck driver error often causes or contributes to a semi accident.

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