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Health Care Fraud Claim Defense by Houston Lawyers

What do healthcare fraud cases involve? This is where a medical provider or a healthcare business allegedly submits fraudulent billing claims to Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, or a commercial insurance company. Various types of providers like labs, pharmacies, hospitals, and home health agencies have been accused of such fraud cases. But a healthcare lawyer can help you through the process. A Texas attorney can defend against Medicare and Medicaid false claims that sometimes arise in the pharmaceutical context. This sometimes relate to claims that kickback payments were made to physicians and pharmacies. Physicians and wholesalers have wrongfully been accused of accepting wrongful payments in order to induce drug or device purchases. Typical allegations may also include billing for defective test kits. Another claim could relate to the sale of defective medical devices. The Weaver Law Firm’s broad experience in the medical industry can help answer the questions that you may have.

Whistleblowers and the False Claims Act

Medicaid and Medicare fraud are one of the most common violations of the False Claims Act as it relates to health care fraud. The False Claims Act also protects and incentivizes “whistleblowers” that alert the government when then they believe fraudulent activity is taking place. This protection is provided even when there is no such fraud. In a successful heath care fraud lawsuit, a whistleblower is entitled to part of the damages recovered by prosecutors, as well as job protection. But Billing mistakes are common in the medical industry. It is not because someone is being malicious. The medical industry has a complexity of regulatory requirements. Once the government gets involved, it can get more burdensome for good doctors trying to run a good business. When the government alleges fraud, they often claim that it is widespread and financially harmful or patients. In reality, billing errors are very common and the result of simple oversight and not intention. While financially significant if the received reimbursement exceeds tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, a healthcare lawyer can help resolve disputes, appears and investigations regarding healthcare fraud claims.

Legal Requirements in Operating Medical Facility

History shows that the State of Texas and the federal government has increased regulation. Laws change fast and often. You can expect to see expanded enforcement efforts. As a further result, you may notice the increased examination of health care industry transactions and operations. We know that health care entities need guidance from a healthcare lawyer that understand the various medical industries. From labs to surgical centers, we understand that behind providing great medical care, our clients need to run a successful business in order to continue to serve the public. We want to help. The Weaver Law Firm would like to help you understand your legal requirements in order to help you prevent, detect and resolve fraud and abuse allegations.

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Attorney Jonathan Wu provides strong and reliable representation to Medicare and Medicaid fraud clients. We know that your time is important. We know that these issues can also be time sensitive. So, we aim to respond fast. Our Medicare and Medicaid fraud law firm seeks to provide effective and efficient counsel. The Weaver Law Firm can provide you with the Medicare fraud representation you expect from experienced lawyers representing the medical industry. Jonathan Wu and Richard Weaver are available to answer your questions about Medicare and Medicaid fraud. For more information about the False Claims Act, contact Medicare fraud attorney Jonathan Wu. You can reach an experienced healthcare attorney at 713-572-4900.