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An Experienced Litigator For Your Real Estate Dispute

The majority of the real estate work we handle at The Weaver Law Firm is dispute resolution. We work with buyers, real estate agents and brokers throughout Houston to resolve real estate disputes. Our experienced law firm overcomes challenges to protect our clients’ rights in real estate litigation involving:

  • Ownership disputes: If someone believes he or she has an interest or right to a piece of property, an opposing party may try to dispute that claim by “clouding” the title. We represent individuals who are facing improper liens or titles on their property.
  • Breached sales contract: Most real estate transactions would be futile without well-written contracts. However, when those contracts are disregarded, it is critical to find the most efficient way to resolve the dispute. We represent clients in breach of contract lawsuits involving improper liens, defects in the property and other misrepresentations.
  • Failure to disclose: We represent commercial and residential property owners who did not receive accurate disclosures when purchasing property. Failure to disclose lawsuits hold dishonest sellers accountable for hiding property flaws that lower the market value of property. Some of the most common defects that are not disclosed include termites, water damage or penetration, fire, drug production and murder on the property.

Clients want positive results. Our legal team has the experience needed to help obtain favorable results. Learn more about your options and the solutions we provide by scheduling an initial consultation with our experienced Houston, TX, attorney. We can be reached by e-mail or by calling 713-572-4900.

Se habla español: Spanish-speaking services are available at our law office.