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The construction industry is fraught with costly legal traps. Let us guide you around the danger spots, and take your side when trouble arises.

Representing Your Interests in Resolving Business Disputes

Good contracts lay out the rules for conducting business. Both parties who enter into a contract may have differing views on the terms of an agreement. They may also have a different interpretation on whether the terms of a business contract have been followed or breached. Business owners often have questions about situations that are not explicitly covered in the contract, but must now be resolved.

Whether you have been harmed by a breach of contract or whether you are accused of breaking the rules, you need experienced, savvy legal assistance to tell your side of the story.

Breach of contract issues can be resolved in a variety of ways — in court, at the negotiating table or in mediation. The lawyers at The Weaver Law Firm, serving Texas clients from Houston to San Antonio, have successfully represented clients’ interests in all these venues.

We have the legal experience needed to successfully represent clients in disputes like:

The most important decision you make when seeking an advantage in a business lawsuit is your choice of lawyer. The Weaver Law Firm is respected throughout Houston and the south of Texas as energetic, knowledgeable advocates, ever mindful of client objectives and their need to keep costs down.

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