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The construction industry is fraught with costly legal traps. Let us guide you around the danger spots, and take your side when trouble arises.

Protecting Your Business From Injurious Commercial Landlord Disputes

Because so much is at stake, disputes between commercial landlords and tenants over lessees can often be resolved relatively quickly. The party that comes out on top in these matters — whether in court, in negotiation or mediation — is usually the party with the lawyer with the deepest experience.

At The Weaver Law Firm, we represent clients from Houston to San Antonio in a broad variety of disputes, including:

  • Breach of lease agreements
  • Disputes over storage rights — especially when hazardous materials are involved
  • Damage claims from fire, wind, flooding, chemicals
  • Leasing space to competitors in the same shopping center or multi-tenant property
  • Common area maintenance (CAM) charges
  • Forced defaults
  • Commercial eviction
  • Percentage rent disputes
  • Issues involving easements, building security, facility usage and signage
  • Build-out disputes
  • Disputes over expected consumer traffic at a new property

Speedy Resolution To Commercial Landlord Disputes

Our clients are both claimants and defendants. They look to our attorneys for energetic, knowledgeable and results-oriented representation.

Our goal is to resolve your dispute in the most efficient, most economical way possible. We are experienced in negotiation, mediation and civil suits.

We understand that clients want quick resolutions to their problems because sometimes without speedy settlements, businesses can suffer financial losses. We desire the most positive outcome for your case, for your business.

If you are engaged in a serious dispute over compliance with a commercial lease agreement or real estate matter, call us at 713-572-4900 or email us your concerns.