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Helping Family Members Of Accident Victims

There is no more devastating loss than that of losing a loved one in a sudden, avoidable, tragic accident caused by someone else’s negligence — on a highway, on unsafe property, in the workplace, at a public or private swimming pool, or in a hospital because of medical malpractice.

If you are mourning a family member’s fatal injuries in an accident, the experienced Houston personal injury and wrongful death attorney you want in your corner is Richard D. Weaver of The Weaver Law Firm.

Richard D. Weaver has many years of experience and a track record of success in accident injury in Harris County, San Antonio and throughout South Texas. He also has the experience of handling wrongful death cases in Houston, Harris County, Texas. His practice is well-known across the region for experience, loyalty and results. This reputation was built upon client satisfaction in addition to solid investigation, skillful negotiation and aggressive litigation.

The Weaver Law Firm protects your rights when negligence leads to an accident that claims a relative’s life. To learn more about our effective, efficient counsel and arrange your free initial consultation, contact us by phone or email. Se habla español.

Skilled, Sensitive Legal Representation

As your attorney, Richard D. Weaver will work to safeguard your interests, in or out of court if needed. He will work hard to help you obtain the maximum financial compensation you deserve while remaining sensitive to what may be a very traumatic experience.

He handles every detail, every deadline, every document related to your loved one’s death in a motor vehicle accident, worksite accident, boating accident, swimming pool accident, and other scenarios.

The Weaver Law Firm is all about your comfort and convenience at this difficult time. Therefore, thanks to the contingency fee policy for our work, you owe no attorney fee unless we win or settle your case.

To speak with an understanding, comforting, dedicated wrongful death lawyer who wants to help you after this traumatic experience, contact Richard D. Weaver at 713-572-4900 or by email.

Se habla español: Spanish-speaking services are available at our law office.