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When Insurers Wrongfully Deny Claims

Houston Insurance Claim Lawyers and Houston Insurance Claim Dispute Attorneys handle cases involving Insurance Bad Faith and Wrongful Denials of Claims.

Under Texas insurance law, insurance companies owe a duty of good faith and fair dealing to their customers. When insurance companies fail to honor their duty and act in bad faith, the people who rely upon insurance benefits can incur financial loss.

Insurance companies can act in bad faith when they undervalue claims, engage in the undue delay of a claim, refusal to adequately investigate a claim. An act of bad faith may also be when an insurance company creates unreasonable obstacles for the claimant to overcome or when they engage biased experts such as investigators, loss adjusters and property valuation experts to undervalue a claim. An act of bad faith may be evident when the insurance company threatens the claimant.

Our insurance claim lawyers have experience examining the language of insurance contracts. They can review your contract and determine whether the insurance company has violated the contracts terms. If you have a valid claim and it has been denied, hire an attorney that can help you seek compensation for the insurance benefits and any other losses such as emotional distress, attorney fees and out of pocket expenses. In court, a plaintiff may obtain punitive damages for bad faith insurance claims.

If you are a policy holder and have a question about a potential lawsuit against your insurance company, please do not hesitate to call.

Knowledge about Wrongful Denial of Insurance Claims

Even though the Texas Insurance Code prohibits unfair claims practices by insurance companies, each year, policyholders are not recovering millions of dollars from insurance companies who: (1) routinely deny or underpay their policy holders’ legitimate claims; (2) wrongfully refuse to supply insurance coverage; or, (3) wrongfully decline to provide a defense when a policyholder is sued.

Despite oversight by the Texas Department of Insurance, insurance companies often treat their policyholders in bad faith by denying claims without a legitimate reason, which result in fire insurance litigation or Stowers cases where the carrier negligently fails to protect the interests of its policyholder against third party claims.

Has your insurance company done one of the following?

  • Wrongfully denied auto, homeowners, life accidental death or disability insurance claims?
  • Delayed payment of a valid claim that is covered by your policy?
  • Denied that you have insurance coverage after an accident or loss has occurred?

We are interested in helping those that may have a homeowners claim, such as a fire insurance claim, a hail damage claim, a hurricane claim, a windstorm claim, or any other which your insurance company denied. Texas Law prohibits insurance companies from unfair settlement practices.

We would like to assist you if an insurance company has wrongfully denied, delayed, or underpaid your insurance claim. We do not charge a fee unless you recover. Call us for a free consultation.

Insurance Claim Disputes

When homes or business property is damaged through fire, weather or accident, people depend insurance companies to assist. However, often times, insurance companies do not treat their insured fairly. Sometimes the insurance company will unjustly deny payment on homeowner’s or business owner’s claims.

It is important to work with a Texas attorney able to hold the insurance companies responsible for their duties. We want to see you receive full value of your claim as well as any other damages you may be entitled to under Texas insurance law.

Professional Negligence by Insurance Agents

Insurance agents sometimes make errors. Insurance agent errors can lead to denial of the coverage you require or even cancellation of your policy. On occasion, improper insurance quotes can induce someone to purchase property based on the quotes. The purchase would not have otherwise occurred but for the buyer’s reliance on the agent.

Insurance agent errors can result in financial loss to the policyholder. Insurance agent negligence can take occur many ways. Some common examples include:

  • Failure to adequately explain the policy terms
  • Inserting inaccurate information on one or insurance forms
  • Failure to provide proper forms to the insurance company
  • Failure to write sufficient or correct coverage into a policy
  • Failure to provide the requested insurance without notifying the client
  • Misrepresenting the extent of coverage to the insured
  • Failure to notify or renew or replace clients’ policies
  • Advising incorrectly about the need or cost for insurance

Insurance agents have a duty to the people they sell policies. Call us if you have a question about an insurance agent’s duty to you.

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