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New campaign designed to improve safety for teen drivers

For many teens, there is nothing more exciting than finally receiving a driver’s license. They will be able to spend time with friends, and be less dependent upon their parents for rides to and from places.

While this newfound freedom presents teens with exciting opportunities, it also presents several new challenges that some teens may not know how to handle. A car accident can happen at any time, to even the most experienced of drivers. Teen drivers, who have substantially less time behind the wheel, could find themselves practicing unsafe driving behaviors which may increase the risk that they will be involved in a crash.

Recently, the United States Department of Transportation kicked off a campaign that encourages parents to discuss safe driving habits with teen drivers. The agency is concerned about the number of young people dying in car accidents, and hopes this initiative will help address this problem.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reviewed crashes involving young people, and learned that there were some dangerous trends present. Speed was a factor in many of the crashes, and some of the teens were not wearing seatbelts. Distracted driving is also a major area of concern for teen drivers.

In Texas, there are many specific rules in place designed to improve safety for teens. The state has a graduated licensing program, which means that new drivers under the age of 18 are restricted from operating from midnight and 5 A.M., unless there is an emergency or school function. These drivers also have restrictions on passengers, as only one unrelated person under the age of 18 may be in the vehicle.

While these rules have helped, parents can play an active role in making the state’s roadways safer. They need to talk to new drivers about how to avoid engaging in behaviors that can lead to accidents, and they can demonstrate safe driving techniques whenever their child is in the vehicle. This will help ensure that when it is time for the teen to get behind the wheel, they know what they should and should not do.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, it is important that you are aware of your options. An attorney can review the facts of your crash, and pursue compensation from the responsible parties. This will allow you to focus on your recovery at this time.

It is likely that you will be receiving settlement offers from insurance companies, but you need to be careful before entering into any agreements. These companies do not necessarily represent your best interests, and may be trying to get you to settle quickly before you know the extent of your injuries and the costs of treatment. These agreements can prevent you from being able to obtain additional compensation should your injuries be more severe than initially diagnosed.