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Dump truck hits school bus in Lorena, injures 17

Being involved in an automobile accident is never a good experience, but it’s even more traumatic when the accident involves a large truck. The sheer size and speed of big rigs means that most accidents end up with injuries – or even death – for people in the smaller vehicles.

Trucking accidents are a big problem in Texas. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported that in 2010, 6,447 people were injured in truck crashes in our state. When compared to the 3,686 people killed in the United States in trucking accidents in the same year, we can see how alarming this problem is.

A frightening experience for students

Smaller passenger vehicles aren’t the only ones that are vulnerable in a large truck crash. Recently, a dump truck hit a school bus head on in Lorena, said CBS Houston. Up to 17 students were mildly injured and received medical treatment at the scene of the crash; however, the driver of the bus had to be extricated from her seat and was hospitalized for her injuries. Such an event is traumatic not only for the victims involved, but for the parents who expect their children to be safe while participating in school activities. The parents, as well as the bus driver, may have a reason to pursue compensation for any long-term effects from their injuries.

Common reasons for trucking accidents

The FMCSA spends over $100 million a year on truck and bus inspections, to keep them safe on America’s highways. Brake problems and other maintenance issues are one of the most common causes of trucking crashes. Other reasons that are high on the list include:

  • Traffic problems
  • Driver distraction, including cellphone use, or negligence
  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Roadway problems
  • Driver fatigue

Trucks also have large blind spots, and often have trouble spotting smaller cars near them. Because of their size, they need extra time to stop and more room to maneuver.

Getting legal help

The injuries sustained from a big rig accident are often severe, and medical expenses can be devastating. Victims often end up facing huge medical bills as well as the loss of income while they recover. If you or a family member has been injured as the result of a truck driver’s negligence, you may be eligible for compensation. It’s important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney right away to find out what your rights are.