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Cruise vacations are not always an adventure to paradise

When thinking about a cruise vacation, endless sea, sun and fun come to mind. However, some cruises do not always go as planned. Many things can go wrong on the ship, and when they do, the passengers may not be without legal remedy.

The Carnival cruise Triumph

The Carnival Triumph left Galveston, Texas, in early February for a cruise to Mexico. Triumph passengers had no idea what would be in store, and the vacation soon turned into a nightmare, according to some news reports. The four-day trip was interrupted on the third day when a fire broke out. The Coast Guard’s investigation attributed the fire to an oil leak.

Among other problems, there were 4,200 people on the ship that were subjected to unsanitary conditions when the human waste from the Triumph overflowed into public spaces. Tugboats finally pulled the ship into port about one week later, but within that time period, many passengers were subjected to poor conditions. Some say they were fed rotten or spoiled food and many became ill.

A Texas woman’s experience

According to ABC News, a Houston woman said that she became sick as a result of her time on the ship. She had a difficult time getting food and water and had to be given intravenous fluids in the emergency room upon her arrival on land. The woman claimed that she was afraid of not seeing the next day and had much difficulty getting any rest while on the ship. She said that the experience altered her life forever, and she is bringing a lawsuit claiming that the cruise ship acted negligently by not taking the necessary steps to protect her safety while on board. Many other passengers also stated their intention to file lawsuits.

Accident victims on cruise ships

Cruise ship guests can be injured in many ways during their vacations, and when a cruise liner’s negligence is the cause of an accident, the ship may be held responsible for the resulting injury. Passengers can suffer from slip and fall accidents, swimming pool accidents, food poisoning, Jet Ski accidents and sexual or physical abuse from the crew. These injuries can quickly turn a wonderful adventure into a horrible nightmare.

Passengers are not the only ones who can be injured on a cruise ship, either. Cruise workers who are injured on the job may also receive compensation under the Jones Act , which protects cruise workers and seamen.

If you have been injured on a cruise ship, it is imperative to discuss the matter with an experienced boat injury lawyer. These attorneys understand the laws unique to these special circumstances and can help you understand your legal options.