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April 2014 Archives

Was my injury the result of a GM auto switch defect?

People are asking the following question: Was my injury the result of a GM auto switch defect? GM has recalled 2.5 million vehicles for an ignition switch error that can cause the switch to move and shut off powered features in the car. This auto defect has caused several injuries to hard working people. Some of the accidents may have resulted in wrongful death cases.

What to do after a knee injury from a slip and fall incident.

Slip and fall accidents take people by surprise. Whether you were shopping at a Houston or a San Antonio, Texas store, working, visiting a friend's house, or doing one of the many normal things on real property, a personal injury is not expected. The real property where the injury occurred may be owned or managed by a person or company that should have prevented the victim from a slip, fall, and physical pain. Yet these incidents still happen. In order to determine the extent of a potential knee injury, the injured person should first see a physician. In order to help determine liability in a premise case, turn to an experienced Texas slip and fall lawyer.

Recent motorcycle accidents in Texas

In recent days, there have been several motorcycle accidents on Texas roads. In the first incident, a deadly motorcycle accident occurred on U.S. 54 Saturday afternoon. It happened at about 12:08 p.m. near the access ramp that connects U.S. 54 south and I-10. Jerimia Krystecki, 24, died at the location of the crash. According to police, the rider was speeding on U.S. 54 when he lost control of his motorcycle. According to reports, he was then thrown off his motorcycle after hitting a retaining wall. Luckily, no other persons were injured in the accident. Often times such incidents lead to a wrongful death case.

Dr. Guan Zhu Involved in Head-On Cement Truck Accident

Truck accidents often have grim results. Dr. Guan Zhu, a Texas A&M professor, must be thanking his lucky stars after his recent accident. Dr. Zhu was involved in a crash with a loaded cement truck and escaped with minor injuries. 

Ford trucks that go from park to reverse?

Do Ford trucks go from park to reverse unintentionally causing a truck accident? Vehicle manufacturers know of the need to design its automatic transmission system so that an operator cannot or should not leave the vehicle in "illusory park". Automobile defects are not new to Texans or the people of the United States. Look at what happened to GM. It recently had an ignition switch recall to 2.6 million cars. Unfortunately it took the death on people for the recall. What about Ford Motor Company? What is it going to do to correct its product defect that leads to serious and almost deadly injuries?

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