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October 2013 Archives

Five Injured in San Antonio Bus Accident

Common causes of car accidents include alcohol, cell phone use, bad weather, and even debris on the road. The driver of a bus, involved in a wreck on Friday describes a different cause, break failure. The school bus, which was transporting 25 children, crashed into a house in a San Antonio military housing neighborhood. Of the bus occupants, two children, a teacher, and the bus driver were injured. A minor in the house was also injured. We send all the injured well wishes for a quick recovery.

Children Injured in San Antonio Bus Accident

Common causes of car accidents include alcohol, cell phone use, bad weather, and even debris on the road. The driver of a bus, involved in a wreck on Friday describes a different cause, break failure. The school bus, which was transporting 25 children, crashed into a house in a San Antonio military housing neighborhood. Of the bus occupants, two children, a teacher, and the bus driver were injured. A minor in the house was also injured. We send all the injured well wishes for a quick recovery.

Fruit flies used in TBI studies

Texas residents may be interested to learn that new research is being conducted on traumatic brain injuries. While the symptoms are well known, the underlying pathological causes are not well understood. This is due to the difficulty of researching TBIs in humans. Now, one researcher is using fruit flies in an effort to understand the connection between the injuries and their effects.

Galveston Airplane Crash, Keith Hibbett & Passenger Killed

An airplane crash in Galveston has resulted in the wrongful death of its two occupants, pilot, 51 year-old Keith Hibbett of Denton, Texas, and passenger, 66-year-old John Stephen Busby of the United Kingdom.

Woman Injured Aboard Carnival Sensation Hospitalized

Whether minor injury or brain injury, Carnival Cruise is yet again under fire. In a case of déjà vu, another passenger has been injured aboard a Carnival Cruise Lines ship. The 52-year-old female passenger fell in an elevator while travelling aboard the Carnival Sensation. The fall caused injuries to both of her legs. The cruise line notified the United States Coast Guard of the incident. The Coast Guard proceeded to transport the injured passenger to a medical center in Florida. We send a big salute to the men and women of the Coast Guard for looking out for passengers of the Carnival Cruise Lines ships.

News about Fayette County, TN helicopter crash: Barlow, Adams & Smith

In Fayette County, TN a medical helicopter crashed this Tuesday morning. Three people died. The individuals have been identified as Carrie Barlow, Denise Adams and Charles Smith. Our hearts go out to their family and friends.

Train Accident in Fort Worth Claims Life of Mohammed Al-Tayyeb

Car accidents have claimed many Texans lives this year. A North Texas man who died from injuries sustained in a car accident with a train is amongst one of the most recent fatalities. Saturday afternoon, 43-year-old Mohammed Al-Tayyeb was crossing the Trinity Railway Express tracks at the 12600 block of Calloway Cemetery Road when a passenger train suddenly struck him. Al-Tayyeb was trapped in his vehicle and died at the scene.

Who is responsible for a Texas ATV accident causing wrongful death?

An experienced ATV rider or motorcycle rider may know that all-terrain vehicles can be extremely dangerous. ATVs and motorcycles do not have the kind of protection that cars and trucks have. That is why Texas ATV accidents can result in brain injuries or a wrongful death case.

Concerned about medical expenses from San Antonio workplace accident?

Are you concerned about medical expenses from a San Antonio workplace accident? As you think about the costs of an injury like a broken leg, paralysis, or head injury, it is important to consider all of the damages that you have already incurred and that you may incur in the future.

Crewmember Latest Wrongful Death Victim Aboard Carnival Cruise

Could a wrongful death lawsuits be in store for Carnival Cruise Lines? Carnival Cruise Lines has garnered more than its fair share of bad press in the last year. Everything from food poisoning to power outages to steering mechanism failure, Carnival has been at the epicenter of bad news.

Harley-Davidson Issues Mass Motorcycle Recall

Car accidents can be devastating. Motorcycle accidents more so especially, if the accident is caused by a manufacturer's defect. Anyone who drives a motorcycle will tell you of the dangers first hand. A motorcycle does not have the protection of the exoskeleton of a car. There is no shield between the driver and the driver's environment. A malfunction in the motorcycle can prove fatal or end in a brain injury. In recent years, product recalls have littered the news.

Texas motorcyclist in critical condition following collision

A motorcycle rider was injured in a crash on Oct. 14 in College Station. The car accident was said to have occurred just prior to 5:30 p.m. after a driver turned her car in front of the motorcyclist on Southwest Parkway near Texas Avenue. When the car made the turn, the 20-year-old motorcyclist hit the passenger side of the vehicle and was thrown from his bike. He was not wearing a helmet at the time of the collision.

Lieutenant Clay Crabb Killed in Austin Truck Accident

An off duty Austin Police Officer was killed on Tuesday morning in a truck accident involving a pickup truck.The accident occurred on Highway 290 near Sawyer Ranch Road. Car and truck accidents are common on this stretch of road.

Want to find a Houston Real Estate Lawyer around 77057?

Do you want to find a Houston real estate lawyer? Are you looking to find an attorney around zip code 77057 or the Galleria area? If so, what type of knowledge should the attorney have? Should he know about other matters like personal injury cases and wrongful death cases and how they relate to real estate? I would think so. Many personal injury accidents happen on real estate.

Fatal LBJ accident blamed on teenage truck driver

Television News 8 has acquired a report that states that the blame for a fatal crash that occurred on Texas' LBJ Freeway on Sept. 10 is being placed on the teenage driver of a dump truck that crushed two other vehicles on the highway median. Two people in one of the vehicles were pronounced dead at the scene. The occupant of the other car narrowly escaped the same fate.

English and Spanish Houston injury and car accident blog

Thank you reading our ongoing blog with over 180 blog articles. We will be making additional efforts to make our blog available in Spanish as well by introducing new blog articles dealing with wrongful death cases, car accident issues and brain injury cases.

Es el contratista general responsable de Katy lesiones construcción TX?

Es un contratista general responsable de una Katy, lesiones contrato de construcción de Texas o demanda por muerte por negligencia? Respuesta: Un contratista general puede ser objeto de un subcontratista y los empleados del subcontratista por lesiones personales o muerte por negligencia. Esto puede ser el resultado de dos tipos diferentes de defectos locales.Los defectos premisa se ​​refieren a las condiciones peligrosas en el lugar de trabajo, lo que puede resultar en el lugar de trabajo lesiones. El primer tipo de defecto premisa existe en el momento en que el subcontratista y los empleados del subcontratista ingrese el local oa través de una forma que no tiene que ver con el trabajo del subcontratista en las instalaciones. Estos diferentes tipos de defectos pueden dar lugar a importantes daños personales o una demanda por homicidio culposo.El segundo tipo de RESPONSABILIDAD locales relacionados con la construcción y el desarrollo de los contratos de trabajo y los riesgos que crean responsabilidad de las premisas tiene que ver con el desempeño de la actividad laboral para la que el GC contrata a los subcontratistas y sus empleados.Las necesidades heridos para preguntar si la lesión es el resultado de una condición peligrosa pre -existente en la propiedad real de que no surgen de los actos o de trabajo de la persona lesionada. Si la lesión es el resultado del trabajo realizado por el trabajador o subcontratista, debido a la naturaleza de la obra , el contratista general no puede ser considerado responsable. Tenga en cuenta que a menudo OSHA investiga las lesiones en obras de construcción.Si usted tiene preguntas relacionadas con los contratos de construcción, responsabilidad civil general, contratista o reclamaciones por daños personales, póngase en contacto con un abogado de Texas. Se puede llegar y abogado en ejercicio en Houston y Katy, Texas, en 713-454-7875.

Houston Galleria abogado de propiedad habla en los casos de lesiones

El autor, un abogado de bienes raíces área de Galleria en Houston comentarios acerca de la conexión entre los casos de lesiones personales y bienes raíces. Cuando se piensa en ello, lesiones persona casos como los que tienen que ver con la lesión cerebral a menudo se producen en bienes raíces o bienes inmuebles de alguien con bastante frecuencia.Cuando las lesiones no han desembocado en coche o en accidentes de camiones, que suelen ser consecuencia de accidentes de resbalones y caídas o accidentes de trabajo o lesiones relacionadas con el empleo .Esta información puede ayudar tanto a la persona lesionada que está tratando de averiguar quién es responsable de su demanda por lesiones personales, así como el dueño de la propiedad real.El dueño de la propiedad real, dio el primer paso a la celebración de un contrato de venta de inmuebles. El contrato podría ser un contrato de venta residencial o un contrato de la propiedad comercial. Durante ese proceso, el comprador debería haber recibido documento de divulgación de un vendedor. El comprador tiene la oportunidad de determinar si había algún peligro en la propiedad. Se podría haber evitado los peligros. Para la persona lesionada que está herido en la propiedad real en un caso de responsabilidad de premisas de un peligro ... esa persona va a querer saber si el comprador y el ahora titular tuvo conocimiento del defecto o peligro.La víctima de lesiones personales querrá saber acerca de la co - titularidad de la propiedad. ¿La propiedad pertenece a más de una persona ? ¿La propiedad pertenece a una LLC? ¿El dueño de la propiedad tiene seguro? Muchas veces, la propiedad es comprada originalmente por un individuo que los hechos posteriores al establecimiento de una LLC con el fin de evitar la responsabilidad personal con el fin de evitar la responsabilidad personal de los daños personales o resbalón y caída reclamaciones.Muchas veces, las lesiones en bienes raíces o propiedad de otra persona puede resultar en lesiones del cerebro y la columna vertebral, lesiones en la cabeza, lesiones en la espalda o la muerte.Si usted tiene preguntas acerca de la ley de lesiones personales, accidentes de trabajo o de la ley de bienes raíces , no dude en ponerse en contacto con el autor un abogado de bienes raíces área de Galleria at 713-454-7875.

Galleria real estate lawyer in Houston comments on injury cases

The author, a Galleria area real estate lawyer in Houston comments about the connection between personal injury cases and real estate. When you think about it, person injuries cases like those that deal with brain injury often occur on real estate or someone's real property pretty often.

Houston Metro Bus Accident injures Child and Passengers

Recently, in a houston metro bus accident, several individuals were injured in southeast Houston. A Houston Metro bus was involved in a crash on Almeda Genoa on Tuesday around 1 p.m. The multiple vehicle accident occurred near the Gulf Freeway and was set off when a Metro bus rear-ended the first car. The first car then rear-ended the second car. The second car then hit a parked truck. 

Police passenger dies when hit by drunk driver on Chartres in Houston

There was a fatal car accident in Houston in the 500 block of Chartes Street that may be a wrongful death case. The woman that died was only 21 years old.

Cody Dale Cowen dies in Victoria Texas truck accident, FM 1090

A report has come in that Cody Cowen a wrecker driver has died in a truck accident in Victoria, Texas. Cody Cowen was 21 years old. Only one vehicle was involved so said the Texas Department of Public Safety trooper.

Is General Contractor liable for Katy TX construction injury?

Is a general contractor liable for a Katy, Texas construction contract injury or wrongful death claim? Answer: A general contractor may be liable to a subcontractor and the subcontractor's employees for personal injuries or a wrongful death. This can be the result of two different types of premises defects.

Houston Construction injury at workplace, subcontractor fault?

In Texas, an owner or occupier of land has no duty to ensure that a subcontractor performs work safely. General contractors also have no duty to ensure that subcontractors perform work in a safe manner. Both owner and occupiers of land and general contractors are not liable for the wrongful death or personal injuries to third party individuals caused by the acts or omissions of a subcontractor or the subcontractor's employees.

How can I buy Texas real estate that is personal injury safe?

How can you buy Texas real estate that is free from hazard or harm? Real estate in Texas cities like Houston and San Antonio often come with hazards. Hazardous properties can result in a wrongful death case or other personal injury cases.

Personal injury indemnity in TX commercial lease agreements

People that have been injured in workplace accidents or other types of business or premises liability accidents may have the right to seek damages or compensation for their injuries from someone. Sometimes these accidents involve fork lift or parking lot car accidents. If the injured person can seek compensation from someone or some company, who will it be? Will it be the business owner? Can it be the owner of the real property or the landlord?

How can a TX real estate contract protect me from injury claims?

How can a Texas real estate contract protect you from personal injury claims or wrongful death claims? Well, first remember that injuries often occur on real property, especially investment property and place of employment.

Houston TX real estate contract indemnity of personal injury claim

How is Houston, Texas personal injury claims related to real estate contracts? The right kind of commercial real estate contract or residential real estate contract can protect a landlord or seller from damages resulting from a wrongful death, person injury or premise liability claim.

Galleria Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer: Preserving Evidence

Being involved in a Houston Galleria motorcycle accident was be a stressful and traumatic event. With so much going on and possible serious injuries about, it may be difficult to remember many things after the accident. It would not be uncommon to suffer from a head or brain injury in a motorcycle accident.

Personality change sometimes result of brain injury

Texas residents might be interested to hear that one of the adverse effects of a brain injury is a change in personality. People are usually aware of the physical effects of traumatic brain injuries, such as dizziness, impaired memory, problems with balance and headaches. However, they are not always as aware of other changes, such as alterations in personalities. Oftentimes, only close family members, friends and survivors can discern these changes.

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