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September 2013 Archives

3 Treatments for Houston Galleria Car Crash Back Injuries

Many car accidents occur in the Galleria area in Houston, Texas. Many result in back injuries due to the negligence of another driver. A back injury may require many different kinds of treatment. It can vary greatly. Still, some common ways that an injured person can be treated is:

Sea Vessel Slip and Fall Accident at Port of Houston on Ship

On Friday, two longshoremen were injured on the job at the Port of Houston. The injuries occurred while the two men were working on a ship that was docked at the turning basin. Witnesses claim the men slipped and fell into the hatch of the ship. Both longshoremen were taken to local hospitals with unspecified injuries.

3 evidence types helpful in a New Braunfels, TX wrongful death case

A New Braunfels, Texas wrongful death lawyer should be able to help a potential plaintiff by gathering important pieces of evidence. Three types of evidence helpful to a claim are:

3 reasons for Medical Records after a Houston Slip & Fall at Target

Being injured in a slip and fall accident at a store like Target or Wal-mart in Houston, Texas can be a life-altering event. Please that have suffered from slip and fall accidents often suffer from serious pain from shoulder injuries or brain injuries. An injured person can recover damages like the amount of medical costs incurred or paid due to the accident through a Texas slip and fall claim if the store is found liable or possibly through settlement.

Wrongful Death Wheelchair Accident on Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio?

Yesterday, on Fredericksburg Road in San Antonio, Texas, a man in a wheelchair was killed when he was hit by an SUV. The San Antonio Police Department investigated the scene of the pedestrian accident. Is this a wrongful death case?

Book about Real Estate Law & Asset Protection for Texas investors

My friend David J. Willis, J.D, LL.M., wrote a fantastic book called: "Real Estate Law & Asset Protection for Texas Real Estate Investors." I love this book because I often get calls from people that are looking for the right kind of business entity to: (1) use a liability barrier to minimize personal exposure and maximize asset protection; (2) organize and manage one or more business; and (3) utilize tax benefits. This book covers those issues and more.

Drunk driver claims the life of 70-year-old Texas woman

A 27-year-old man was charged with suspicion of intoxication assault after an automobile collision on Sept. 13 that claimed the life of a Texas woman. The charges are to be upgraded to intoxication manslaughter. The car accident occurred at about 10 p.m. on FM 1187 about six miles from the woman's home in Crowley, according to a spokesman from the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office.

Bandera County, TX motorcycle accident killed Kristine Riojas

Near San Antonio, Texas, a motorcycle accident resulted in the death of James McCue and Kristine Elizabeth Riojas. James McCue was 42 years old. Kristine Riojas was 42 years old as well. Is this a wrongful death case?

Houston car accident on 610 caused by Jose Guevara-Palma

Car accidents due to drunk drivers are far too common in Houston. A near-fatal car accident during the early hours of Sunday, September 22 was allegedly caused by 27-year-old, Jose Eliseo Guevara-Palma. Mr. Guevara-Palma was arrested and charged with intoxicated manslaughter and intoxicated assault.

DeWitt County, TX car crash kills Kelly Marie Garcia

San Antonio, Texas reports show that Kelly Marie Garcia of Universal City died in a car crash in DeWitt County. The car accident happened on Friday afternoon. Our hearts and prayers go out to her family and friends. We hope that they are able to soon recover from such a tragic event.

Houston Bar causes car accident death, serves too much alcohol

Too often, Texas bars and those in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas serve too much alcohol to patrons that lead to car accidents and death. That is why the Texas Supreme Court has interpreted the purpose behind the Dram Shop Act to be to discourage providers of alcoholic beverages from serving alcoholic beverages to obviously intoxicated persons who may inflict serious injury among themselves or others. For a definition of Dram Shop, please visit our previous blog article.

Houston, TX car accident caused by drunk driver: dram shop?

Many car accidents in Houston, Texas are caused by drunk drivers. These accidents often result in serious injuries and death. The drunk driver should be held liable for the negligent actions. However, sometimes it is not only the drunk driver that is responsible. Often times it is the bar that over served alcohol to the driver. This is called dram shop liability.

Houston Car Accident on Westheimer kills Prius Passenger

There are too many car accidents on Westheimer in Houston, Texas. This past Tuesday, according to witnesses, a driver of a green Toyota Prius was hit and killed by a Toyota Tacoma truck. Witnesses report that the driver of the Prius was going through a green light and was making a left turn. The vehicle was turning left from Westheimer onto Hillcroft near Unity Church. That was when the truck driver who was traveling westbound on Westheimer allegedly ran a red light and crashed into the Prius driver.

Slip and Fall Brain Injury? Prevail on Your Claim.

From bruises to traumatic brain injury, injuries in a premises liability claim vary widely. These types of claims arise from injuries occurring at a property or business. A property owner can be held legally responsible if he is aware of a dangerous condition, yet fails to address the condition or warn his patrons of such.

7 truck driver BASICS in avoiding a Houston truck accident

Commericial truck drivers can avoid a Texas truck accident by following the BASICS.The Behavior Analysis Safety Improvement Catagories, or BASICS, include 7 catagories in which a carrier and driver's safety performance are assessed or graded. The 7 BASICS are: 1) Unsafe Driving; 2) Fatigued Driving (Hours-of-Service); 3) Driver Fitness; 4) Controlled Substances/Alcohol; 5) Vehicle Maintenance; 6) Cargo-Related; and, 7) Crash Indicator.

Texas car crash kills three, injures two

A collision at an intersection on U.S. 290 in Texas left three people dead and two injured. Texas State Troopers say the accident involved a Honda Accord and a truck with a trailer. The man driving the Honda made a left turn on a yellow light and hit the truck. Authorities said the fatal car accident happened at about 2:30 p.m. on Sept. 13.

Possible Wrongful Death car accident in Channelview, Texas

It was a sad day in Channelview, Texas when an 18-year old passenger died in a car crash. The driver of the car was 19 years old and was driving a Honda Civic. Our hearts and thoughts go out to the family and friends of this young person that was lost too soon in this horrific car accident on Woodforest Blvd.

Children in Houston school bus accident avoid major injuries

Early Monday morning, a Houston Independent School District school bus was in an accident with a concrete truck. The bus crash happened around 6:00 a.m. near Mykawa at Schumier Road. The truck flipped over onto its side in a ditch. There were 2 children on the bus, but only the bus driver went to the hospital. Truck accidents like this one most likely could have been avoided. 

Possible bicycle wrongful death case accident on Fountainview

Is this a wrongful death case? A tractor trailer truck crashed into a man riding a bicycle that resulted in his death. The accident happened on September 13, 2013 at approximately 6:00 a.m. Houston police officers responded to the bicycle accident. The bicycle accident happened at the intersection of Fountainview and Westheimer.

Carlos Senea killed in Channelview TX car accident

Wilfredo Chavez Lopez was driving his car in Harris County, Texas. He was driving east in the 15200 block of Woodforest Blvd. However, his vehicle veered to the right. After his vehicle went right, it hit a curb. After it hit the curb, the car hit a tree.

Texas man resuming life after catastrophic car accident

A Houston history professor is getting his life back on track after losing a foot and almost losing his life following a car accident in 2011. The life-changing accident occurred on Aug. 18. After extensive physical therapy, the 52-year-old man is learning to walk again and looking to returning to school -- as a student.

Man in ambulance dies after truck crashed into Houston ambulance

A fatal traffic accident occurred at the 9800 block of Bissonnet in Houston, Texas. The ambulance accident occured on September 9, 2013 around 11:20 a.m. Houston police had investigate the car accident involving an ambulance. This may be a wrongful death case.

5 Tests for a Texas Motorcycle Accident Brain Injury Case

It is not uncommon for a brain injury to occur in a motorcycle accident case. A challenge in trying a motorcycle accident head injury case is establishing legally sufficient proof of injury and causation. A hurdle to a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is properly diagnosing it and its severity. While an MRI is common protocol following head injuries, it is quite possible that early testing through MRI or CAT scans will be normal. Medical experts in Texas, especially the Houston area can help. Houston, Texas lawyers with experience in this area can help explain the connection of these evaluations to trial preparation.

Marco Aurelio Rodriguez dies in a forklift accident at work in Houston

Yesterday in Houston, there was a workplace injury that involved a forklift and resulted in the death of Marco Aurelio Rodriguez. He was 33 years old. Marco Rodriguez was crushed by the forklift which may have resulted in a wrongful death case. The accident happened at around 11 p.m.

Choosing a Neuropsychologist for Texas brain injury case

In order to properly build or defend a traumatic brain injury (TBI) case, Texas lawyers should consider it  necessary to retain a qualified neuropsychologist. This expert is needed to document the TBI victim's subjective complaints. The expert is also needed to objectively document the victim's deficits through neuropsychological testing. It is also important for the expert to be able to state whether the victim is competent to stand trial and testify in the case. In many situations, this particular expert is critical to the outcome of trial. These experts can be used in Texas cases involving a car accident or work place accidents where there has been a TBI.

Doctor and Texas Attorney roles in brain injury cases

Every brain injury case brought before a Texas court must have a compensable injury. Compensable injuries are established by medical evidence supported by objective findings. Objectively findings are those that cannot come under the voluntary control of the patient. It is important for Texas lawyers working on traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases to understand that because TBI injuries cause brain dysfunctions which may not show up on standard MRI or CAT scans, the attorney must rely on expert physicians.

Settlement reached in NFL players' concussion injury lawsuit

Texas residents may be interested to hear of a proposed settlement in the case of former NFL players suing the football league over concussion-related injuries. The settlement, if approved by the judge, would provide over $700 million in damages, covering medical exams and injury compensation for the players.

VIA bus accident, possible wrongful death case

Early this morning an elderly man died are the result of getting hit by a VIA bus. The man was a pedestrian walking near Columbus Park downtown. The pedestrian accident happened on San Saba Street, near West Martin Street.  San Antonio Police report that the man was walking on San Sabe. The police state that the bus was headed toward I-10. It was on that road where the man was hit by the bus and died. Is this a wrongful death case?

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