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Child injured at The Goddard School in Richmond, Texas?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2013 | Brain Injury |

On June 20, 2013, KPRC news reported on an incident that may have involved a child injury at The Goddard School in Richmond, Texas.

According to the news report, Caren Ferguson, a parent, said her child was injured at The Goddard School. According to KPRC news, she said that her two and a half year old daughter enjoyed going to The Goddard School until something changed. The news source continued to report that the mother said, “She came home one day, crying that she didn’t want to see this teacher, that she didn’t want me to send her back to school.” The mother was clearly concerned. She examined her daughter and noticed what looked like claw marks on her child, according to the source. The marks were on the child’s arm, according to the news report.

The concerned mother called the school and asked to speak to the director of the school, so said the online news source. KPRC reported that after talking to the director of the school, the mother withdrew her daughter from the school. The mother claimed that it was the second time she saw this injury on her child, reported KPRC.

Here is where the story gets strange. According to the news report, even though the mother confronted The Goddard School first about the injury, CPS later investigated the mother. Why? According to the mother, the school called CPS and accused her of causing harm, reported KPRC. Does this sound like a school on the defense? Was the school required by law to make the report even though the mother complained first? While it may look like the school is trying to beat the mother to the punch, they may actually have a legal duty to report a child injury to CPS. Was the school scared of a lawsuit or a complaint with child care licensing? How should the school have handled the situation? Does this situation smell fishy to you?

Luckily, this young child had only minor injuries and not something more traumatic like a head or brain injury. Head and brain injuries can occur from intentional physical abuse or from falling as the result of a traumatic hit. Other types of injuries that could occur to a child as a result of a school injury is scarring and disfigurement like to a hand or finger.

Our hearts and prayers go out to this young little girl. We hope that she stays safe and that the new school that she attends has caring and careful teachers.

If you have questions about a child injury case, feel free to contact a Texas lawyer that wants to help. You can reach a Texas child injury lawyer at 713-572-4900.

  – Article By Richard Weaver


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