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September 2012 Archives

Houston construction worker struck, killed by tractor-trailer

Construction zones on the road can be dangerous. Most Houston residents know this. People often have to slow down and change lanes suddenly, which means you need to be on high alert. Adding to the danger is the presence of construction workers. And one worker's family is now left heartbroken after what can only be described as a wrongful death occurred.

Teen driver killed and passenger injured due to speeding

It doesn't take much to understand why teen drivers are more dangerous behind the wheel than any other age group. For some, the new freedom of being able to drive around is complemented by an increased feeling of invincibility. For too many teens, however, they have to find out the hard way that driving recklessly can have dangerous consequences.

Car crashes into Houston day care, fortunately kids were gone

A frightening crash that happened in Houston recently could have had tragic, disastrous consequences had it happened at a different time of day. Unfortunately little details are known about the incident, but a large number of disabled children could have been hurt in the car accident.

Are older drivers more dangerous? Is more testing needed?

This blog has discussed at length the effects of inexperienced drivers thinking they are invincible while on the road. But what about drivers whose best days may be behind them? Many have wanted more road testing for senior citizens, and a spate of accidents caused by seniors has many wanting the debate to be revisited.

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