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January 2013 Archives

Another NFL player's family sues league over brain damage

This blog has written extensively about the dangers faced by football players of all ages. The constant risk of brain injuries caused by forceful, repetitive blows to the head is getting more attention these days than it did in years past, and the premature death of one of the league's all-time greats has kept the spotlight on the issue and pressure on the league to do something.

Energy drinks continue to send young adults to the ER

This blog previously wrote about the dangers that energy drinks are posing to children, teens and young adults across Texas and the United States as a whole, including the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the mother of a 14-year-old girl who died after drinking two cans of Monster energy drink.

Fire hazard sparks recall of 634,000 Subarus

While this blog often discusses the effect that dangerous and negligent drivers have on causing car accidents, it's important to remember that sometimes a design flaw in an automobile can be behind an accident or wrongful death. And while no deaths have been reported because of the latest car manufacturing problem to be discovered, Houston readers should be aware of the newest recall.

Drowsy driving still a problem, especially for Texas

It's happened to everyone. You've been behind the wheel for several hours, cruising down the interstate, and the scenery isn't changing. You're eyelids begin to droop, and you may close them for a second. And before you know it, your drowsiness has caused a car accident. And a new study shows that Texans are the drowsiest drivers in the nation.

Woman uses drugs, causes deadly 6-car accident

The holidays are filled with celebrations for Houston families of many backgrounds. The unfortunate side effect of many of these celebrations is that many people choose to get behind the wheel after consuming one too many alcoholic beverages or drugs. Sadly, too many intoxication accidents that are avoidable affect Houston families during the holidays. One woman was recently charged for causing a car accident that could have been caused by too much celebrating.

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