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Dr. Guan Zhu Involved in Head-On Cement Truck Accident

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2014 | Truck Accidents |

Truck accidents often have grim results. Dr. Guan Zhu, a Texas A&M professor, must be thanking his lucky stars after his recent accident. Dr. Zhu was involved in a crash with a loaded cement truck and escaped with minor injuries. 

Dr. Zhu was traveling on Wellborn Road in College Station when suddenly a loaded cement truck ran a red traffic light, swerved to avoid other vehicles, and crossed into the oncoming traffic lanes, tipping on its side before crashing head-on into Dr. Zhu’s Toyota Sienna.

Based on the chain of events, it would appear that the driver was distracted and following too closely. What caused the distraction? Could it have been a telephone call or a text message? Has the truck driver been involved in other truck accidents?

Both the truck driver and Dr. Zhu walked away from the scene of the truck accident narrowly unscathed.

Thankfully, the worst part of this accident was the spilled cement and the traffic ticket the truck driver received.

Individuals that drive large commercial vehicles such as cement trucks are required to hold a commercial driver license. To hold a commercial driver license, the driver must undergo training. Was the truck driver properly trained to operate a cement truck?

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles requires that concrete trucks carry a yearly permit and that the loaded trucks do not exceed a specific weight limit. Perhaps the truck driver’s employer did not renew their permit. An overloaded truck would also affect the vehicle’s maneuvering. 

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            – Article By Richard Weaver, Texas Lawyer and personal injury attorney.


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