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Was my injury the result of a GM auto switch defect?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2014 | Wrongful Death |

People are asking the following question: Was my injury the result of a GM auto switch defect? GM has recalled 2.5 million vehicles for an ignition switch error that can cause the switch to move and shut off powered features in the car. This auto defect has caused several injuries to hard working people. Some of the accidents may have resulted in wrongful death cases.

The investigation continues on GM. Did you know that  GM has also recalled an additional 1.5 million vehicles because of separate power steering issues? The vehicle manufacturer claims it is making changes to its internal operations. However, this cannot change the harm that has resulted to real people.

What other vehicle manufactures have issued a major recall in the past? Toyota is one company. Not to long ago, Toyota recalled a majority of 6.4 million vehicles for a wiring problem in the steering wheel that can cause the airbags to fail. In additional to an already big problem, a smaller portion of the 6.4 million vehicles have a seat issue that results in the driver’s chair moving at random. We are glad to know that no accidents or deaths have resulted from the described problems. We believe that Toyota will try to avoid the trouble that GM found itself in. Interestingly, Toyota has just moved its U.S. headquarters to Texas. As you may recall, Toyota received a $1.2 billion fine because of its questionable actions involving a recall that had vehicles inadvertently accelerating.

Have you experienced an injury are the result of an automobile defect?

     Article by Richard D. Weaver, Texas Lawyer.


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