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Ava Lewis and her child died after accident in Orange, Texas

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2015 | Wrongful Death |

Ava Lewis and her child, Lamya Newhouse, died after a hit-and-run accident in Orange, Texas. This fatal incident occurred on November 2, 2015. We would anticipate that this case may result in a wrongful death, especially since Carl Broussard was arrested.

Lewis was headed on foot across MacArthur Dr. with her daughter, Newhouse. Suddenly, Broussard hit them both and drove off from the accident. Lewis and Newhouse passed away from their extreme injuries to their stomach and chest. Our hearts and prayers go out to their family and friends.

Broussard went to the police station on Tuesday night to surrender to police. He has two charges of accidents that resulted in death.

It is always sad to hear about car and pedestrian accidents, and this accident is equally as sad. It is a crime to hit someone and then not stop to render aid. Not only is it illegal, but it is also not right. The least Broussard could have done was to check and see if they were okay.

Why did Broussard leave the scene? Was Broussard running from something?

This fatal accident leaves many questions unanswered. Although the police are doing their own investigating, they cannot always be fully relied upon. There are some questions that may still need answers and some actions that may need explanations.

Personal injury lawyers do not always rely on the police reports. They often hire private investigators to find the answers to additional questions. Investigators often obtain helpful information that is not included in the police report, information that family members sometimes want to know.

The facts of this case may support a wrongful death lawsuit. The Weaver Law Firm understands that family and friends may have plenty of questions regarding wrongful death lawsuits.


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