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Is Westin Homes signing more real estate contracts in Houston, Texas?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2014 | Car Accidents |

The Texas housing market is dominating the nation as the most important real estate market. Of all cities, Houston, Texas is on top. Major media outlets such as Forbes and CNN named the 2014 Texas housing market as one of the top areas to invest in this year. Westin Homes, a builder of residential homes, claims to be leader of best product and interior design in Houston, Texas. We would imagine that Westin Homes is experiencing growth in their business as well. With the major rise of people moving into the Houston area, builders like Westin Homes are expected to see a rise in sales. More contracts mean more closings. However, more construction may also mean more personal injury liability and real estate contract disputes.

People buying a new home from a builder should consider hiring an attorney to assist in the review of the builders contract or the sales agreement. The buyer should consider having the real estate attorney consult the client in the transaction. In addition to the purchase agreement, the buyers will also face the stack of closing documents that await them at the title company. The buyer should also consider hiring an experienced real estate attorney to review the closing documents. The closing documents may consist of the title documents like the warranty deed and the title policy. The growth of the Houston real estate market brings about the need for more caution when working in fast-moving transactions and where the builder feels like they can dominate the buyer in a seller’s market.

Builders like Westin Homes, must also be cautious in their building practices and safety standards. We might expect that with more construction, we might also see the rise of worksite injuries. Contractors are often hurt while working on the job. Injuries can result from car accidents or falling objects. Injures may result in traumatic brain injuries or paralysis. Luckily, responsible builders carry insurance policies to help pay for the medical bills and potential pain and suffering of an injured individual.

   – Article by Richard Weaver, a Houston real estate with personal injury law experience.


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