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18-wheeler accident in San Antonio, TX spills drilling mud.

On Behalf of | May 13, 2014 | Truck Accidents |

It is not uncommon for 18-wheeler accidents to occur on major Texas roads. Just this morning with the heavy rain, a tractor-trailer truck jacked-knifed. The big-rig truck accident caused major delays for those driving to work this morning. Not too long ago, in San Antonio, Texas, another 18-wheeler accident occurred. The  18-wheeler crashed Sunday around 7:30 a.m., causing a westbound ramp to close due to bridge damage. Because of the truck accident, 3,000 gallons of drilling mud spilled, which required clean-up.

Monday morning, crews also closed the eastbound ramp while making repairs. As expected environmental contractor went out to the scene in order to take remediation measures. The contractor placed a substance similar to kitty litter that acts as absorbent material in order to help soak up the oil.  The drilling mud spill is the second in a month on a San Antonio area road. A similar solution spilled on Loop 410 near I-35 on April 13. According to police officials, the truck driver took the turn from I-37 north to Loop 410 at too high of a rate of speed. In addition to causing the spill, the accident also caused damage to 50 feet of bridge rail. Luckily, no was suffered from personal injuries. This type of accident is the type of accident that may lead to a wrongful death case. Here, there were no reported injuries, just spilled drilling mud and damage to the structure.

What is drilling mud? It is a mixture of chemicals and dirt. It is used to cool and lubricate drill bits, remove rock fragments from the drilling area and bring them to the surface. The substance is also know to help prevent open wellholes from caving in.

     – Article By Richard D. Weaver, a Texas Lawyer based out of Houston.



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