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Houston Whole Foods employee dies after bicycle hit and run accident.

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2014 | Wrongful Death |

Authorities believe a drinking and driving incident lead to the death of a young Houston woman. The Houston police arrested a Houston woman Wednesday on a charge of hit and run. The woman that died in the accident, Chelsea Norman, was riding her bike home from work at Whole Foods. Norman’s serious injuries caused her to die several days later at a local hospital. This incident most likely opens up a wrongful death case.

With the charge, authorities do not contend Mayer broke the law by hitting Norman, but by failing to stop afterward and render aid.

Cyclists gathered to morn Norman’s death and called on police to do more to find whoever hit her.

According to an anonymous tip, a person stated that the alleged hit and run driver called her. She alleged said, “The defendant contacted her, and told her that she was very intoxicated the previous night and that she had gotten lost somewhere on Waugh Drive,” the affidavit notes, “… defendant told her that she thought she hit someone because her window was shatter (sic), but she could not remember what happened.”

Despite the charges and claims, Police have said there were no witnesses to the crash that killed Norman.

How has Houston treated bicycle accidents in the past? Cyclists have accused officials of giving bicycle accidents a low priority. Perhaps it only appears that way because the accidents are indeed accidents. With the exception of a drunk driver, a collision may have been an accident be either the negligence of a driver or the bicycle rider.

The author has seen both motorists and cyclists not follow the rules of he road.

The Houston mayor have stressed everyone needs to respect the rights of others on the road. Last month blamed impaired and distracted drivers and cyclists riding at night without proper lights as the causes of most fatal crashes.

Why do automobiles often injure Houston cyclists? Many Houston bike lane lines that were once brightly painted are now faded. This particular deficient plays a role in bike safety. It causes cyclists who otherwise would stay those bike lanes to now move further into the interior of the street.

  – Article By Richard Weaver


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