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Kailey Massey of Spring, TX perished in an 18-wheeler truck accident.

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2014 | Wrongful Death |

There were several car accidents on Interstate 30 in Clark County this past weekend. One of the accidents resulted in a fatality and a possible wrongful death case. The young lady that died has been named: Kailey Massey. She was a 20 year old resident of Spring, Texas. She died after being involved in the Saturday afternoon 18-wheeler accident. According to reports, she rear-ended an 18-wheeler which resulted in the fatal crash. What caused the crash? Did the truck driver come to an abrupt stop where Ms. Massey could not avoid the accident?

Massey was reportedly on her way to Harding University in Searcy, where she was a college student. She was pronounced dead at the scene by a Clark County Coroner.

As expected, emergency crews responded. This particular accident involved two 18-wheelers and two passenger cars. Was there any negligence to be attributed to the tractor-trailer driver? Why did he have to come to an abrupt stop? Was it because the cars were slowing down in front of him? Perhaps he was driving at an excessive speed. Why didn’t he come to a gradual stop? Was it because he was a distracted driver? Was he the driver of the 18-wheeler paying attention to the traffic down the road? If so, why didn’t he come to a gradual stop that would not have possibly caused Massey to rear end him? Is this a wrongful death case?

According to Arkadelphia Fire Chief Ricky Arnold, all three occupants of one of the passenger cars were transported to an area hospital to be treated for injuries.  

Our hearts and prayers go out to the friends and family of the young lady.

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  – Article By Richard Weaver


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