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Ian Spence and Megan Cook in fatal car crash in Fairfield, Texas.

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2015 | Wrongful Death |

Reports coming out of Freestone County state Ian Spence, 21, and Megan Cook, 20, were killed in a car accident near Fairfield. Law enforcement reports that the accident happened at about 7 PM on FM 27. Spence, a young man from Mexia, was driving a Chevy Impala westbound. The car went over on the shoulder and the driver seems to have over-corrected. Because of this, the car slid into the eastbound lanes and was hit by a Jeep Cherokee. The driver and passenger of the Chevy were pronounced dead at the scene. The driver and passenger in the Jeep were taken to the hospital.

Our thoughts and hearts go out to the victims and their families and communities. We imagine that they have been deeply affected by this tragedy. We hope that the victims in the hospital make speedy recoveries. We imagine that there may be many questions.

What caused the driver of the Chevy to go off the shoulder? Was there a vehicle malfunction? Was this a case of distracted driving? Was there an obstacle in the road that the driver was attempting to avoid? Was this even a case of drunk driving? Could this case trigger a wrongful death claim?

A case that has been open since February of this year has recently had another development. The child who was seriously injured in a drunk driving accident in Longview died from the injuries sustained in the accident. The child, Terrance Demarcus Crayton, was less than six months old. The accident occurred on the 2600 block of Lilly Street at about 11 PM. The driver of the car and the mother of the child, Dekeshia Charity Thomas, allegedly was driving drunk when she crashed into another car and lost control of her own vehicle. The vehicle then hit a tree and rolled over multiple times. Terrance was not in a child seat.

Dekeshia was arrested for intoxication assault and for negligence of her child.

— Article by Richard D. Weaver, a Texas personal injury attorney.


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