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Trenton Fortune dies in motorcycle accident in Montgomery, Texas.

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2015 | Wrongful Death |

Trenton Fortune of Montgomery, Texas was killed in a motorcycle accident near Conroe. According to law enforcement, the high school student collided with a Hyundai Sonata while turning on Highway 105 near Freeport Street around 6:30 AM. Trenton died from the injuries sustained in the accident. The driver of the Hyundai was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition.

According to the police, the driver of the Hyundai, Lori Edward, was turning left from the center turn lane on the highway. Edward was going eastbound toward Freeport Street when Trenton Fortune, who was westbound on the highway, hit the car from the front.

We imagine that Trenton’s community and family are deeply impacted and saddened by this tragedy. Our thoughts and hearts go out to them. We imagine they may have many questions.

Was there a motorcycle malfunction? Did the driver of the Hyundai use their turn signal to notify their intention? Was this an instance where the driver of the car abruptly stopped and the victim could not brake quickly enough and there was a collision?

Since the accident occurred during the early morning hours, it was probably still dark outside. We wonder if the driver of the motorcycle was using headlights or if the driver of the car was using headlights as well. If this was the case, one of the drivers could not have necessarily seen the other.

Could this incident trigger a wrongful death claim by the victim’s family?

— Article by Richard D. Weaver, a Texas personal injury attorney.


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