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Ambulance accidents in Battle Creek, Michigan had tragic results

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2015 | Wrongful Death |

According to reports, Shirley and Stokes crashed into an ambulance carrying David Simpson, a heart patient, in Battle Creek, Michigan. Both vehicles were only blocks away from the hospital when the Shirley Strokes allegedly hit the ambulance. Shirley and Stokes both died at the scene and David Simpson, who arrived in a second ambulance to the hospital, was announced dead. What really happended here? Who’s fault was this accident? Police reports are not always correct.

Another ambulance accident also happened in the Escanaba area where Norita A. Gifford, age 76, pulled onto the highway and struck and ambulance carrying three people. Gifford’s only passenger in the car was her dog and they both died from the collision. The ambulance, whose driver was Thomas Bell Jr. age 57, was not on an emergency run and did not have the ambulance sirens on. We can imagine that family members are asking who was negligent in this situation. Is there a wrongful death case here? Our law firm take an interest in cases around the United States and Michigan. Do you have questions?

The passengers of the ambulance which includes Andrew J. Metzler, attendant, and their female patient had minor injuries and were taken to the hospital. Drivers should be aware of all emergency vehicles. Even though the vehicles may not have their sirens on, they can still carry passengers with non-life threatening injuries. Attorneys often hire private investigators to assist in finding out the true reasons for car accidents


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