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18-wheeler accident on Dallas North Tollway ramp.

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2015 | Truck Accidents |

The ramp from the President George Bush Turnpike to northbound Dallas North Tollway was temporarily closed down due to an accident that involved an 18-wheeler. The 18-wheeler overturned when its load was spilled across the highway as it crashed. Another accident saw the closing of all of the lanes of southbound Interstate-35 West that also involved the overturning of an 18-wheeler. Its load was also spilled across the highway when it crashed.

The reasons for the crashes are not known but there are no reports of any injuries.

We wonder how these accidents occurred. Were there vehicle malfunction that caused these 18-wheelers to overturn? Were there accidents in front of the trucks that the drivers could not avoid? Did the drivers brake suddenly and cause the trucks to overturn?

18-wheeler accidents are not uncommon in Texas.

In San Antonio, a three-vehicle crash that involved an 18-wheeler caused traffic issues on Interstate 19 at Walters Street. All of the westbound lanes had to be closed temporarily.

There have been no reports on whether any injuries were sustained in the accidents.

Our support and thoughts go out to the victims of the accident and their families and we understand that their families may have many questions.

Was the cause of the accident due to the 18-wheeler or due to one of the other vehicles? Was there an accident that had already happened and the driver of the third vehicle could not avoid it and thus, crashed as well? Was there a vehicle malfunction?

   –Article by Richard D. Weaver, a Texas personal injury attorney.


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