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Arlene Soto, Houston Teacher, dies is Houston car accident.

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2014 | Wrongful Death |

Arlene Soto, a talented Houston teacher, died in a four-car crash on the 59 near University Monday night. Soto was driving a small passenger car when the car accident occurred. She was hit from behind by a Ford F-250 pickup truck. The large truck slammed into her and propelled her vehicle into the car in front of her. This car wreck resulted in the teacher being pinned inside her crumbled car. Her family may now have a wrongful death case against the driver of the Ford Truck.

Her students and fellow teachers will miss Arlene. She was a caring individual that impacted the children at her school. When children were struggling with their studies, she was their to offer additional help.

Why did the truck driver crash into her car? Was he driving while on his cell phone? Did he fail to keep a proper lookout? Whatever the reason, we are confident that he was negligent. We expect that Arlene’s family may have several questions. Personal injury attorneys often employ private investigators to help answer the hard questions. The investigators are also used to assist in presenting the facts for a lawsuit.

–       Article by Richard Weaver, a Houston, Texas personal injury lawyer.



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