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Jose Vargas of San Antonio identified in motorcycle accident.

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2014 | Wrongful Death |

Motorcycle accidents continue to occur in Texas, both in San Antonio and El Paso. Recently, a man that died in a motorcycle accident in the North Side of San Antonio has been identified. His name is Jose Vargas and he was 36 years old. Reports indicate that he lost control of this bike. However, we wonder what lead authorities to this conclusion. Where their witnesses? Or did someone run him off the road. Was another driver not keeping a proper look out? Friday morning after losing control of his bike has been identified.

The motorcycle rider was driving west near DeZavala at about 12:45 a.m. The authorities say he crashed into a retaining wall and was run over by a 2010 Ford Focus. Was the driver of the Ford Focus keeping a proper lookout? Could the driver have avoided the motorcycle accident? Could Jose Vargas have survived the accident if the if the Ford Focus did not hit him? Mr. Vargas was announced dead at the scene. Is this a wrongful death case. Personal injury lawyers utilize investigators to uncover the truth of an accident.

The in El Paso, Texas, two people were taken to the hospital. This particular accident was the result of a motorcycle rollover. Authorities here too say the driver lost control of the vehicle. A man and a woman were on the bike.

Many motorcycle accidents happen because other drivers do not see nearby motorcycles. These accidents could be avoided if driver keep a proper look out. This means checking blind spots and all mirrors.

     – Article By: Richard Weaver, a Texas personal injury lawyer based out of Houston.


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