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Caldwell Texas motorcycle accident ends the life of Devin Carter

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2014 | Wrongful Death |

Motorcycle accidents not only happen in Texas; they happen in Lodi, N.J.  A motorcyclist died after colliding with an 18-wheeler on an interstate highway in northern New Jersey. According to police officials, the motorcycle driver was 41-years old. He name: Mark Candelario. A report indicated that he was from Elmwood Park and rode his motorcycle in the left lane of westbound Route 80 in Lodi. That was when the crashed took place. It occurred around 1:00 a.m. Police authorities say that Candelario apparently failed to maintain his lane and struck the tractor-trailer, but it that accurate? What evidence do they have? Could it have been the error of the truck driver? After the accident, he was thrown from the motorcycle and was pronounced dead at the scene. Does this bike accident trigger a wrongful death case?

Not too long before the NJ accident, an accident occurred around Carldwell in Texas. Where did the accident occur? The accident happened on FM 2000 near Highway 21. The motorcycle crash happened on a rural road northeast of Caldwell. It resulted in one dead rider. A recent report indicates that the motorcyclist has been identified as Devin Carter, 21, of Caldwell, Texas. He and another motorcyclist were riding south on FM 2000. Police authorities report that Carter lost control of his motorcycle and then crashed into a ditch.

  – Article by Richard Weaver, a personal injury attorney based in Texas.


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