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Recent Forney, TX truck accident. Driver error?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2014 | Truck Accidents |

Truck accidents happen often. Reports around Forney, Texas have come in that there was a major accident that occurred on or around Westbound U.S. Highway 80. People traveling experienced major traffic delays during their morning commute from Spur 557 in Terrell, Texas, to Windmill Farms Boulevard. It resulted from an overnight 18-wheeler accident. Tractor-trailer accidents often result in major injuries or death. The 18-wheeler veered off the right shoulder of westbound U.S. Highway 80 just after the Windmill Farms Boulevard exit and before the overpass. A report indicates that the Arpin America tractor and trailer is connected to a moving company based out of Dallas, Texas. Why do 18-wheeler accidents happen? Often times it is because of driver error or fatigue.  

In the accident described above, at least three wreckers were used at the scene. One wrecker towed away the wrecked tractor. The other one hauled off the trailer. A third wrecker took the front axle of the tractor away. It had separated from the tractor at the time of the accident. The recovery of the 18-wheeler lasted approximately 10 hours. No injuries were reported as a result of the accident.

18-wheeler accidents happened all over Texas. That is why it is particularly important to be careful when driver near big rigs.

Just recently, in central Texas, four people were killed in three separate early Friday morning traffic accidents in different parts of Central Texas. A husband and wife died just after midnight Friday morning outside of Teague when the car they were riding in struck the back of an 18-wheeler and careened off the road. Department of Public Safety troopers who investigated the accident reported in happened just minutes after midnight at the 28 mile post on Interstate 45.

     – Article By Richard Weaver, Texas Lawyer


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