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Bell County, TX truck accident injures helpful woman, Maurissa Rodriguez

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2014 | Truck Accidents |

How many 18-wheeler accidents or truck accidents happen in Bell County, Texas? Ask a local lawyer and he may reply that one is too much. Police say there were multiple injuries reported and one woman is in critical condition from an accident involving multiple cars and an 18-wheeler near Troy in Bell County late Sunday night.

Troy Police report there were two accidents within minutes of each other near the FM 1237 overpass on southbound I-35. Luckily, the first was a minor accident, where one car sideswiped the guardrail and was stopped. What happened next? Another driver stopped and pulled off onto the side of I-35, near the FM 1237 overpass, and got out of her car to see if the man who hit the guardrail needed any help. The person that crashed into the guardrail left the scene of the accident as the woman walked towards the vehicle.

According to investigators, the good woman, Maurissa Rodriguez, was still out of her car as a pedestrian when she was struck by the side mirror of a passing 18-wheeler and knocked down. It is not uncommon for people to be struck by passing vehicles when walking near accident scenes.

The author recalls one wrongful death case where the victim returned to the accident scene to look for parts of a vehicle. He was struck by a SUV and killed.

While Maurissa Rodriguez survived the accident, she was taken to Scott & White Hospital in Temple, in critical condition, with broken bones, a head injury and internal injuries. Ms. Rodriguez’s baby was in her car and was unharmed.

Authorities say the 18-wheeler accident occurred after the driver lost control of his truck, causing it to go up the side of the embankment around the overpass. The cab overturned, and the trailer blocked the highway, with up to four vehicles hitting the wreckage.

The truck driver, who was rescued from the upside down cab of the truck, was also taken to the hospital.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to Ms. Rodriguez. We are grateful for her.

         – Article By Richard Weaver, Texas Lawyer


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