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Possible San Angelo wrongful death accident after head-on collision.

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2014 | Wrongful Death |

There was a fatal accident that occurred 15 miles south of San Angelo, Texas. The accident may have resulted in a wrongful death case. The Christoval Volunteer Fire Department responded to the scene. The CVFD removed the deceased person from one of the vehicles. Two cars were involved in the accident just north of Christoval on U.S. 277.

Reports show that a black Dodge Ram 2500’s driver appeares to be pinned inside of the truck. In a near by ditch, an overturned SUV remained untile removed. A helicopter airlifted victims from the crash scene to a nearby hospital to be treated for injuries.

It was also reported that the Dodge Ram involved in the head-on collision accident was headed northbound when it and the black SUV collided. The impact that resulted from the high rate of speed of at least one vehicle resulted in the death of at least one individual.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends of those that were hurt in this San Angelo, Texas truck accident. The Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed that the individual that occupied the Dodge 2500 truck died.

The female driving the black Chevrolet Suburban was reportedly taken to Shannon Medical Center. She was wearing her seat belt. The call to respond to the accident occurred at 10 p.m. DPS typically will test the bodies or individuals that were involved in this type of accident to determine whether drugs or alcohol were involved. Often times these types of accidents result from someone falling asleep at the wheel. Other times, a driver is distracted by a cell phone or by taking eyes of the road. What happened here? Attorneys do not always agree with DPS investigation conclusions. Texas personal injury lawyers often hire their own investigators to examine the scene and review medical records. Attorneys order investigations to help determine whther there is a wrongful death case.

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  – Article By Richard Weaver


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