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18-wheeler accident causes University of Texas – Palestine class cancellation

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2014 | Truck Accidents |

A 18-wheeler truck hauling ammonium nitrate overturned near Palestine, Texas.

The 18-wheeler accident prompted the University of Texas – Palestine to cancel classes. The overturned truck accident happened at the Loop 256 near the University of Texas – Palestine campus.  The incident also caused extended road closures on Friday. Road closures were between State Highway 19 North and Salt Works Road.

According to the Palestine Police Department, due to the 18-wheeler hauling ammonium nitrate accident, the road was shut down as a precaution since the nature of the load was hazardous.

As expected, personal injuries were suffered. The truck driver was taken to the emergency room. It was reported that was released a short time later with minor injuries. Typical injuries for accidents such as this include neck and back injuries.

What caused the accident? Was the driver forced to stop or turn abruptly which caused the vehicle to overturn? Was the driver distracted? Sometimes truck accidents happed because the driver is has been driving too long and is fatigued. Sometimes accidents happed do the cell phone use. What where the road conditions? Was the road wet or icy? A truck needs to driver more cautious when encountering abnormal or dangerous road conditions.

It takes a lot of effort to turn a big rig back over. In this reported accident, three wreckers were brought in to right the overturned truck and trailer.

Ammonium nitrate is generally used as a fertilizer. However, adding heat or another type of ignition source can cause violent combustion or an explosion.

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  – Article By Richard Weaver


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