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3 ways to prevent a Channelview Wrongful Death Accident in TX

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

Imagine a scenario where one spouse wakes up before the sun rises and heads off to work at an industrial workplace in Channelview, Texas. The husband eats his breakfast on the run, rushing out the door and quickly giving his wife a kiss goodbye. Then sun has come up, but something terrible has happened. The wife receives a call that her husband has died in a work place accident in their nice town of Channelview.

This type of story is no familiar for some families. Work-related accidents in Texas take families and victims by surprise. Situations like this may leave a family in shock, angry and depressed.

Can we agree that it is the company’s responsibility to provide a safe work site? Shouldn’t workers be free from harm at their place of employment? An employer in the oil field or the energy industry should never expose any worker to an unsafe worksite or vehicle. When dangers and hazards exist in a worksite, employers have a duty to inform the employees and make certain that the employees have proper safety instructions, gear and equipment.

We all care about workplace safety. What can an employer do to help keep the workplace safe and avoid a wrongful death claim?

The employer can:

1) Properly train the employees. The employee should be sure that the company fully and properly trains the worker on how to use the equipment that the employee was hired to use to perform his job. It is also important that other people on the job around the employee are properly trained. Because their mistake could cause serious injury or death to someone else like a coworker.

2) Keep a look out. When on the job, the employee should look to see if certain equipment or tools have been damaged. Sometimes tools become worn or unsafe. The employee should report these situations so that the tools can be repaired or replaced.

3) Speak up. Often times other employees are careless and not safe. Too often, coworkers do not want to report other employees. But by not reporting dangerous behavior, someone can become seriously injured or be killed. The employee witnesses dangerous conduct should report the conduct.

If you would like additional tips on improving safety, feel free to call a Texas lawyer at 713-572-4900.

  – Article By Richard Weaver


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