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Is General Contractor liable for Katy TX construction injury?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

Is a general contractor liable for a Katy, Texas construction contract injury or wrongful death claim? Answer: A general contractor may be liable to a subcontractor and the subcontractor’s employees for personal injuries or a wrongful death. This can be the result of two different types of premises defects.

The premise defects relate to the dangerous conditions at the work place, which may result in work place injuries. The first type of premise defect exists at the time the subcontractor and the subcontractor’s employees enter the premises or through a way that is not related to the subcontractor’s work at the premises. These various types of defects can result in major personal injury or a wrongful death claim.

The second type of premises liablity related to construction and development contracts and work hazards creating premises liability is related to the performance of the work activity for which the GC hires the subcontractor and its employees.

The injured needs to ask whether the injury resulted from a pre-existing dangerous condition at the real property that did not arise out of the injured person’s acts or work. If the injury resulted from the work done by the worker or subcontractor because of the nature of the work, the general contractor may not be held liable. Keep in mind that OSHA often investigates construction site injuries.

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  – Article By Richard Weaver


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