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Galleria real estate lawyer in Houston comments on injury cases

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2013 | Brain Injury |

The author, a Galleria area real estate lawyer in Houston comments about the connection between personal injury cases and real estate. When you think about it, person injuries cases like those that deal with brain injury often occur on real estate or someone’s real property pretty often.

When injuries do no result from car or truck accidents, they often result from slip and fall accidents or workplace injuries or employment related injuries.

This information can help both the injured individual who is looking to find out who is responsible for her personal injury claim and also the real property owner.

The real property owner took the first step by entering into a real estate sales contract. The contract could have been a residential sales contract or a commercial property contract. During that process the purchaser should have received a seller’s disclosure document. The buyer then has the opportunity to determine whether there were any hazards on the property. They could have avoided the hazards. For the injured individual who is hurt on real property in a premises liability case from a hazard…that person will want to know whether the purchaser and now owner had knowledge of the defect or hazard.

The personal injury victim will want to know about co-ownership of the property as well. Is the property owned by more than one individual? Is the property owned by an LLC? Does the property owner have insurance? Often times, the property is originally purchased by an individual that later deeds the property to an LLC in order to avoid personal liability in order to avoid personal liability from personal injury or slip and fall claims.

A lot of times the injuries on real estate or someone else’s property can result in brain and spine injuries, head injuries, back injuries or death.

If you have questions about personal injury law, injuries at work or real estate law, feel free to contact the author a Galleria area real estate lawyer at 713-572-4900.

  – Article By Richard Weaver


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