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Fatal LBJ accident blamed on teenage truck driver

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

Television News 8 has acquired a report that states that the blame for a fatal crash that occurred on Texas’ LBJ Freeway on Sept. 10 is being placed on the teenage driver of a dump truck that crushed two other vehicles on the highway median. Two people in one of the vehicles were pronounced dead at the scene. The occupant of the other car narrowly escaped the same fate.

According to the dump truck driver, he was traveling at around 60 mph when he lost control of the dump truck due to a car pulling in front of him. According to witnesses, he was traveling west in the right-hand lane when he swerved, hitting the two cars and then landing on the median. The version that investigators give differs slightly. According to them, the truck driver’s failure to control the speed of the truck on the expressway’s narrow lanes in the construction zone caused the accident. They feel that he took incorrect evasive action, braked improperly and then steered toward the left when the traffic slowed down.

  – Article By Richard Weaver

The 19-year-old truck driver worked for a Garland trucking company that allegedly operates out of a home there. They have not been returning phone calls. No charges have been filed in the case, however the possibility could still be under consideration by the grand jury.

When a wrongful death takes a loved one from anyone, recovering can be a difficult process. Injuries suffered at the hands of another due to their negligent operation of a motor vehicle, especially when it’s a massive truck, can also be life-changing. Anyone in Houston and the surrounding areas who finds themselves in a position of trying to recover from a serious accident or loss of a loved one could benefit from a consultation with a Houston personal injury attorney. An experienced attorney may help determine the available legal options and build a case for requesting adequate compensation.

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