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Texas driver runs red light, causes fatal car accident

The Houston Police Department reported a fatal accident involving three cars at the Texas 3 intersection with Edgebrook Road. A Honda Civic traveling east on Edgebrook was making a left onto Texas 3 at the same time as an Isuzu Trooper headed west on Edgebrook was also making a left onto Texas 3. Both cars had the green light. A GMC Envoy moving south on Texas 3 ran the red light at around 1:20 a.m. and hit the Honda, which caused it to strike the Isuzu.A 22-year-old passenger in the Honda was killed by the car accident, and the driver was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital in stable condition. A passenger in the Isuzu suffered injuries and received treatment at Bayshore Medical Center.

Man indicted on DUI charges for crash that killed 2 siblings

Everyone in Texas knows that drivers who have been drinking are dangerous to themselves and everyone else on the road. However, someone who is ultimately charged with driving under the influence might not have used alcohol at all. Sometimes the "influence" refers to drugs or other intoxicants aside from alcohol.

Spate of wrecks serves as reminder for teen driver safety

For many parents, letting their children get behind the wheel is a mixed blessing. While parents may be grateful for not having to drive teenagers to dance classes and soccer games, that relief is tinged somewhat by the uncertainty of having an inexperienced -- and sometimes easily distracted -- driver behind the wheel. Three recent car accidents, including a major wreck in Texas, demonstrate how easy it can be for a teenage driver to put himself and his passengers in grave danger.

Richard Weaver successfully defended trucking company in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Richard Weaver of The Weaver Law Firm successfully defended a commercial transportation company in a wrongful death lawsuit. The case was called to trial and judgment was found in favor of the defendant, Weaver's client. The Weaver Law Firm is pleased as well as its client.

Woman uses drugs, causes deadly 6-car accident

The holidays are filled with celebrations for Houston families of many backgrounds. The unfortunate side effect of many of these celebrations is that many people choose to get behind the wheel after consuming one too many alcoholic beverages or drugs. Sadly, too many intoxication accidents that are avoidable affect Houston families during the holidays. One woman was recently charged for causing a car accident that could have been caused by too much celebrating.

Man should not be praised after causing drunk driving death

There are few types of car accidents that are more avoided than ones that are caused by drunk driving. It's as simple as choosing not to get behind the wheel after you've had anything to drink. Texas readers have no doubt heard about the recent story about the death of a member of the Dallas Cowboys football team.

100-car pileup in Texas blamed on heavy fog

One of the things that many drivers take for granted is posted speed limits. It's important for drivers in Houston and elsewhere to remember that sometimes conditions warrant driving below the speed limit, such as heavy fog. Too many Texans found this out the hard way on Thanksgiving when approximately 100 cars were involved in a pileup on Interstate 10 outside of Beaumont.

Woman killed in Houston after being rear-ended by other driver

While this blog constantly preaches about the need for drivers to be more aware of their surroundings, one of the things that drivers always seem to forget about is the need to pay attention to the cars right in front of them. Sudden stops in traffic can happen at any time, and drivers need to be prepared in order to avoid the kind of car accident that happened recently in Houston.

Car runs stops sign and crashes into Halloween party, killing 1

A Halloween party turned into a real-life terror for Houston residents recently, as a car plowed into the backyard where the party was, killing one. The driver appeared to violate traffic laws before flying into the backyard. With so many children present at the party, it's fortunate that not more people were hurt in the car accident.

Drunk driver rear-ends horse-drawn carriage, kills 1, injures 4

Choosing to get behind the wheel after drinking puts everyone's safety at risk. Last weekend in Galveston, not too far from Houston, a family's weekend was ruined when the horse-drawn carriage they were riding in was slammed into by a drunk driver. One man died in the accident and several others were injured.

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