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Should I use Real Estate forms found online?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2020 | Real Estate |

The Texas Real Estate Forms Manual provides guidance to Texas Lawyers practicing real estate, but it is not something that The Weaver Law Firm utilizes in its daily practice. Why? Because many of the transactions that we handle require unique terms. This goes for simple contracts and complex contracts. We prepare documents for a wide range of transactions and can provide clients with a practical commentary to aid other lawyers in adapting the forms to clients’ needs. While the Texas Real Estate Forms Manual is four-volume manual, we can help enhance your transaction by enabling you to make sense of real estate forms quickly and accurately. So, if using the Texas Real Estate Forms Manual is complex, then relying on forms found online should trigger extra added caution.

Are you aware of changes in the most recent real estate law? Do you know how those changes affect the applicability of forms found online? Do your forms come with practice notes that primarily based on case law and statutory updates? Richard Weaver at The Weaver Law Firm is a double board-certified attorney with certifications in residential real estate law and commercial real estate law. The law firm can help property owners, investors and other attorneys with the following: Real Estate Sales Contracts and Transaction Guide; Deeds, Bills of Sale, and Other Transfers; Ancillary Loan Documents; Water Rights Conveyancing Documents; Involuntary Mechanic’s Lien Documents; and Restrictive Covenants and Property Owners Associations. Our real estate lawyers can also help prepare in the subject areas of due diligence, real property preparation, Execution of sales, Proof of recording, and Recording of Documents; Condominium Documents; Leases; foreclosures and evictions.

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