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Commercial Landlord asset protection lawyer in Houston

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2016 | Real Estate |

How can a commercial and residential landlord protect themselves from liability from tenants and guest? Both residential and commercial landlords should know is that one of the ways landlords may limit liability to guests entering the property, whether paying or not, is to get waivers also known as hold-harmless agreements. The guests in essence, agree to hold the landowner harmless if they are injured on the property because of the landowner’s negligence.

Disclosing and warning guests of dangerous conditions that are known or should have been known by the landowner regarding the land, facilities or equipment apparently does not relieve the landowner of any liability. The dangerous conditions must be corrected, not just disclosed, to avoid liability. For these reasons, it makes sense for individuals and investors to protect their assets by operating under a limited liability company.


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