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Raquel Martinez died in a drunk driving car accident in Austin

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2015 | Wrongful Death |

Raquel Martinez died in a car accident in Austin, Texas. The crash was caused by a drunk-driver. The fatal and unfortunate accident occurred on December 16, 2015. We would anticipate that this case may result in a wrongful death lawsuit, especially since the fault has been placed on the driver of the car.

Rene Martinez Sr. was driving under the influence on Tillery St. with Raquel Martinez as his passenger. He was driving recklessly and crashed into multiple poles before the car came to a halt. Raquel was ejected from the vehicle and died right after the accident. Our prayers and deepest sympathies go out to Raquel Martinez’s family and friends.

There is simply no excuse for operating a vehicle while under the influence. Every time someone turns the key to start the engine it is their responsibility to ensure that they are not impaired in any way. This man has taken the life of another person which is the most heinous crime out of them all.

Rene Martinez Sr. was arrested and brought up on multiple charges. The criminal charges include intoxication manslaughter, manslaughter, and failure to stop and render aid.

Why was Martinez Sr. driving under the influence? What precautions could have prevented this terrible accident?

Although the police have their own reports, they cannot always be fully relied upon. There are some questions that may still need answers and some actions that may need explanations. Personal injury lawyers do not always rely on the police reports. They often hire private investigators to find the answers to additional questions. Investigators often obtain helpful information that is not included in the police report, information that family members sometimes want to know.

The facts of this case may support a wrongful death lawsuit. The Weaver Law Firm understands that family and friends may have plenty of questions regarding wrongful death lawsuits.


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