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Three people hurt in series of four car crashes on Katy Freeway

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Three people were injured in multiple car collisions on Katy Freeway. The incidents took place on the morning of October 4, 2015. We would anticipate that this case may result in a personal injury lawsuit, especially if evidence will show negligence on the part of the fleeing driver.

Two cars were involved in a simple car accident as they were traveling down the Katy Freeway. They pulled over into the shoulder to deal with the crash. Then out of nowhere, a Chrysler crashes into both cars and hits a female driver as she stepped out of her car. The Chrysler tries to dodge the scene of the accident and ends up driving the opposite way in the high-occupancy vehicle lanes.

Another car in the HOV lane attempts to prevent a head on collision with the Chrysler. The other car ends up crashing into the concrete wall on the edges of the highway. Then, the Chrysler got away from the accident.

Fire department personnel came to see about the collisions. Soon thereafter, the supervisor’s parked car was crashed into by another car.

The fire department supervisor was not injured. Sadly, three other people had to be carried to the hospital. According to reports, the medical conditions of the three people differ. Our hearts and prayers go out to those injured and their family and friends.

What happened to the driver of the car that crashed into the supervisor’s truck? Was the driver of the Chrysler found? Was the driver of the Chrysler impaired? What caused the driver to crash into woman and the two cars? Is the driver facing any charges?

It is reported that the Houston Police Department currently thinks that alcohol had nothing to do with the car crashes. I believe there are too many unanswered questions at this point to conclude anything. Although the police are working on gaining more information to answer some of the obvious questions, they cannot be fully relied on.

Personal injury lawyers do not always rely on the police reports. They often hire private investigators to find the answers to additional questions. Investigators often obtain helpful information that is not included in the police report, information that family members sometimes want to know.


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