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Melissa Brewer in fatal car accident in San Antonio, TX

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2015 | Car Accidents |

On the afternoon of Sept 4, 2015, a car accident in San Antonio, TX resulted in the death of a Melissa Brewer. Three family members were injured in the incident. According to authorities, a drowsy driver caused the fatal accident. All four family members were driving in a pick-up truck with a trailer attached to the back. 

According to a report, the forty-nine-year-old driver began to feel drowsy and fell asleep behind a wheel. 

Melissa Brewer was forty-two-years-old when she passed away in the accident. The other three family members, Clifton, 11-year-old Cierra, and 74-year-old Patricia Brewer were all injured and hospitalized.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, drowsy driving caused about 72,000 crashes, 800 fatalities and 44,000 injuries in 2013. These figures are typically lower than the actual amount of accidents caused by drowsy driving, because these types of accidents are underreported. Driving for more than three hours also increases the likelihood of causing an accident. In addition, most accidents involving drowsy driving occurs late at night or early in the evening.

Car accidents caused by drowsy driving tend to be more serious and typically occur when there is one driver travelling alone on a high speed road.

In this case, Clifton Brewer was likely travelling on a high speed road when the accident occurred in on Friday evening.

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— Article by Richard D. Weaver, a Texas personal injury attorney.


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