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Southeast Houston truck driver ejected, passenger burned in accident

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Early in the morning on August 11, 2015, two people were injured in a car accident near Telephone in Southeast Houston. Law enforcement officials state that a man was driving a pickup truck with a female passenger when he struck a tree. They were headed westbound around 2:00am. The truck accident occurred when the driver drove into tree while travelling at a high speed. The force of the collision drove the engine into a nearby cabin. Afterwards, the pickup truck burst into flames, drawing neighbors from their homes. Authorities have not yet released their names.

Witnesses were shocked as they described the scene. One witness pulled the driver away from the burning truck. The female passenger was not able to be rescued. She was trapped within the vehicle when the fire first began. The driver was likely ejected from the vehicle before being transported to Ben Taub Hospital. He is in critical condition. The police investigation is still in progress.

Ejection from a vehicle greatly increases the risk of injury, and drivers in these types of accidents do not always survive. In Houston, TX another man was ejected from his vehicle in a car accident. Unfortunately, this driver did not survive.

The accident occurred on August 20, 2015. Police have been investigating a similar accident which resulted in the driver’s fatality. They believe that the car flipped before landing upside down. The driver may have been ejected from the vehicle as it flipped over, and was likely killed by the impact.

Attorneys do not always rely on police reports to obtain information. Personal injury lawyers often hire private investigators to gather more facts about each case and the true cause of an accident. Are you looking for answers to your questions?

– Article by Richard Weaver, a Texas personal injury attorney.


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